East End Grand Cayman

The Eastern Districts (Savannah, Bodden Town, East End and North Side) of Grand Cayman are scenic, unspoilt, quieter and less developed than the manicured sands and luxury resorts of Seven Mile Beach. You will find a wealth of things for the whole family to enjoy, from cultural activities to diving, or kayaking to just relaxing on the beach.

Rum Point
This picturesque spot features a lovely beach with sun loungers and hammocks that hang in the shade of the tall Casuarina trees. The shallow, clear water is perfect for swimming and snorkelling – snorkel under the doc and look out for the resident barracuda!

Sarfish Point
It is worth venturing over to Starfish Point for an afternoon spent paddling in the shallow waters. Located on Finger Kai, a sandy spit between Rum Point and Kaibo, this remote beach is named for the many wild starfish it is home to.

The area is a popular destination for beachside BBQ’s under the shady palms, and it is not unusual for tour companies to stop off in the late afternoon on their way home from Stingray City, and allow visitors a quick wade in the water amongst the starfish.

Visitors are reminded to not take starfish out of the water and to always handle them with care.